The location of our hotel on the outskirts of Nałęczów helps our guests rest and relax. We have prepared numerous attractions for our guests, both for families with children, couples, and organised groups. 

Our guests have at their disposal:

- A SPA zone with a rich offer of treatments and relaxing massages

- A Relaxation zone

- A beautiful garden with a small pond and many features inspired by the novel "Alice in Wonderland"

- Garden chess

- BBQ house — perfect for group barbecue parties and team-building events 

- Animal zone, where our youngest guests may ride a Shetland pony 

- Garden sauna

- Salt Cave

- Bike rental offering also Nordic walking equipment

- A tour of Nałęczów in a horse carriage (for 12 people)

- Different stay packages at attractive prices


"Fall in love with ..."

Garden Sauna and Salt Cave

Using the garden sauna brings invaluable benefits to your body. Even one visit to such sauna improves your well-being and relaxes you, giving you a large dose of energy at the same time and supporting fast regeneration. Systematic use of garden sauna eliminates tiredness, improves concentration, and increases your stress-resistance. It has a positive influence on your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, alleviates muscle and joint pains, boosts immunity, helps remove toxins from your body, and supports slimming. The essence of garden sauna is to cleanse the body and the soul with three elements — water, fire, and air.

"By bike across the land"

Bike tours are a great form of sightseeing Nałęczów. The spa town is surrounded by many great bike paths intended both for amateurs and experienced cyclists. The guests of the W Krainie Alicji hotel may rent new bikes adjusted both to climbing the paths stretching along the hills and to calm drives along the streets of the spa park. We have prepared a special trailer for families with little children and seats that will provide both safety and comfort of your child during family bike trips. 

"Nordic Walking paths across loess gorges" 

NORDIC WALKING is a form of outdoor activity — marching in which we push ahead with a pole. Thanks to this, we take the weight off lower body parts (up to 30%) and engage upper parts of the body more (90% of our muscles are engaged in total). Our posture, position of arms and the angle at which we push the poles into the ground — these are some important elements of this walking technique. Thanks to proper use of the poles you can obtain great health and sports effects. Nordic walking is a sport for those of you who want to gain health, lose weight, and stay in a good shape. It is important that it can be practised in any season of the year. We have prepared special routes of different length and intensity for our guests and offer equipment rental. 

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