Garden Sauna and Salt Cave

Garden Sauna

Using the garden sauna brings invaluable benefits to your body. Even one visit to such sauna improves your well-being and relaxes you, giving you a large dose of energy at the same time and supporting fast regeneration. Systematic use of garden sauna eliminates tiredness, improves concentration, and increases your stress-resistance. It has a positive influence on your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, alleviates muscle and joint pains, boosts immunity, helps remove toxins from your body, and supports slimming. The essence of garden sauna is to cleanse the body and the soul with three elements — water, fire, and air.


Salt Cave with graduation tower

Active negative ions of salt that the participants of the session breathe in have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, they boost your metabolism and the lymphatic system. This treatment is a perfect solution for the persons suffering from respiratory disorders, allergies, or skin problems, persons with low immunity and everyone who wants to stay healthy. The climate of a salt cave restores and strengthens the body’s immune mechanisms. A 50-minute session will provide your body with as many beneficial elements as a few days’ stay at the seaside.



Number of people:

Price for a 50-minute session:

at least 4 people

PLN 16 per person

at least 6 people

PLN 11 per person

at least 8 people

PLN 8 per person

  • Children under 3 — FREE entry
  • Children aged 3-12 — entry PLN 5


Number of people:

Price for a 2-hour session:

3-4 people

PLN 120

5-8 people

PLN 170


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