Come spend your holiday in Nałęczów. Many attractions and places worth visiting are waiting here for you.

NAŁĘCZÓW — a spa town famous for its unique microclimate and calcareous and ferruginous medicinal springs discovered at the end of the 18th century on the area of the Małachowski park (the family owned Nałęczów at the time and the town owes its name to them after the coat of arms of Stanisław Małachowski-Nałęcz).

At the end of the 19th century, Nałęczów became the trendiest spa in the Kingdom of Poland thanks to a company set up by doctors who had been exiled to Siberia: Fortunat Łowicki, Konrad Chmielewski and Wacław Lasocki. They started to organise a sanatorium there and soon turned Nałęczów into a modern spa that was presented as Cisy on the pages of Stefan Żeromski’s novel ‘Homeless people’.

The most interesting places that are worth seeing include:

  • Spa Park
  • Bolesław Prus Museum
  • Stefan Żeromski Museum, Adaś Żeromski mausoleum
  • Historic villas — Borowianka, Oktawia, Brzozy, N.M Panny and many others
  • Charles Borromeo Rectoral Church
  • Parish church with an old cemetery

KAZIMIERZ DOLNY (c. 22 km) — Europe’s tourist gem — ruins of Casimir the Great’s castle, tower, parish church with precious organ, Three Crosses Mountain, granaries, baroque Riformati friars’ monastery, Annunciation monastery and sanctuary, Nadwiślańskie Museum. Antique tenement houses: Przybyłów, Gdańska, Górskich, white Celejowska, Wall of Tears, "Korzeniowy Dół" gorge.

JANOWIEC N. WISŁĄ (c. 40 km) — with the ruins of late Gothic and Renaissance castle, located on the bank of the Vistula river, where knights’ tournaments are held. 

KOZŁÓWKA (c. 36 km) — excellently preserved residence of the Zamojski family 

PUŁAWY (c. 26 km) — town owned by the Czartoryski family (Czartoryski Palace, Sybil’s Temple, Gothic House, Greek House)

LUBLIN (c. 26 km) — Castle and beautiful old town, Metropolitan Cathedral of Lublin, Dominican church and monastery complex, Museum at Majdanek, Lublin Countryside Museum, Czechowicz Museum, Botanical Garden, Zemborzyce Lagoon.

WOJCIECHÓW (c. 6 km) — town whose landmark is Arian Tower from the times of the Deluge and artistic metalwork smithy. The 16th century Arian Tower hosts the only smithery museum in Poland. The smithy can not only be visited, but you can test the strength of your hands and move the bellows or beat the metal with a hammer.

WĄWOLNICA (c. 5 km) — a village with Revelation Chapel dating back to 1278 and a figure of St Mary of Kębło and vintage narrow gauge railway.

SKI LIFT — in nearby Rąblów (c. 12 km) snow frenzy on the slope — the biggest such attraction in the vicinity

NAŁĘCZÓW NARROW GAURE RAILWAY — its route leads through the picturesque Nałęczów Plateau and Chodelka Valley. During the journey, you will discover many interesting facts about the region and its history. Additional attraction — picnic at a forest clearing.

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